Workshop Creator of the Month: Kylul
April 2023 - As this months creator was an animator, I had the idea to style the article like a vintage comic book - both reflecting the retro time period the game is set in, but also being able to utilise multi-panel layouts to convey the action and storytelling in his taunts. I used images of 1970s Dandy and Beano comics are reference which also informed the block colouring with red and blue.
Map of the Month: Overgrown
March 2023 - I went a bit overboard with this issue's map of the month, but I was just so inspired by all the immersive details and textures that I just had to paint them! I painted backgrounds that corresponded to each area of the arena that you progress to, which matched the content of the writing. I also took the majority of the pictures of the virtual scenery for this article.
Mann of the Month: Megascatterbomb cover
March 2023 - this was the first time I helped create the front cover for a Mann Magazine issue. I was called on last minute to help create a TV screen effect in Photoshop for the 3D artist D4NG3RT0S0CI3T7 render, except I ended up  editing the whole image with enhancements and graphic design. The key to the cover was a Photoshop CRT screen effects template I had created from a tutorial, which I used to filter all of the images and title text to give it a pixelly analog look.
The MANNlys
December 2023 - this was the end of year awards where the top community contributors of the year were voted for by the magazine's audience. I helmed the art direction for the article, creating the design scheme and idea for the stage curtains setup that all the different render artists could use. The hand drawn typogrpahy and logo design was created by Alto Arcade, with 3D renders (in order) by vers.blend, Halesown, Becker92.
Map of the Month: Krampus
Novemeber 2023 - my first issue as permanent formatter of the Map of the Month article. I decided to paint a background that utilised textures and winter theming from the map itself, and make it a seamless double page spread across 4 pages, so that it would be flexible for compiling the pages. Map renders created by Halesown.
Samples of other contributions
Mann of the month: Alto Arcade spot illustration, Map of the month: PL_DBZ, Map of the month: Vineyard (February 2023), Team Love Stories valentines special (February 2023) Artist of the month: Spineapples spot illustrations (March 2023)